About us

Asmathguru provides high-quality education at affordable prices and covers 11th and 12th standard (CBSE/ICSE and PUC boards) in Science and Commerce streams. 

Courses include high-quality videos with chapter-wise summary in regional languages (at present Kannada and Tamil) to help students understand the concepts better. The best teachers in the region have come together to deliver engaging content. 

A mix of pre-recorded videos, assignments, study material, live interactive sessions to clear doubts (called Virtual Office Hours), question bank, mock exams, and short summary videos are provided to enrich learning.

Apart from the chosen course, students have the option to raise a request for personal tuition on a specific topic with any teacher on the platform. The mock exam papers will be corrected by experts who will also share personalised feedback. The focus is to strengthen the students’ understanding of fundamentals and provide a strong knowledge base that will help in board exams and any state level, or national competitive exams.

Our Teaching Methodology

Our method is student-paced. We first judge the student’s current level of understanding of the PCMBCs & SECABCs syllabus. The medium of instruction is through pre-recorded videos on the chapters and concepts, which are supplemented with interactive question and answer sessions in real-time so that students can clear their doubts to better understand the concepts. We focus on driving conceptual understanding, which will be helping students in board and competitive examinations. Additionally, an on-demand tuition facility is available for all students.


  • Self-paced Learning: Students can pace their own learning. This will help in not adding further pressure or anxiety.
  • Detailed Academic Record: Students can easily understand their strengths and areas of improvement and work on them.
  • Experienced Teachers: Access to top teachers in Karnataka & Tamil Nadu for 11th and 12th coaching.
  • Regional Language Support: Chapter summaries available in English, Kannada, and Tamil to enable learning in the students’ preferred language.
  • Mock Tests and Assessments: Mock tests and question banks are shared to help students revise with ease. Personalized feedback as part of the assessment also helps the student improve.
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions: Live sessions with teachers include well-designed course content that is supported by high-quality, engaging videos.
  • Virtual Mentorship: Mentor available who will work with you throughout the 11th and 12th standard (CBSE/ICSE and PUC boards) journey.